Our Sample Process

Confirmed samples are available with a lead time of 7-14 days. Below are details about our process for developmen-
tal products and product lines.

Design Phase

During the design phase, your confidential information, specs, and prototypes are evaluated by our sample room and merchandising department to make sure we can handle all aspects of the project. We accept .jpg, .pdf and .ai files for pictures, and 3D solidwork files for molded parts. Once your product has been evaluated and confirmed manufacturable by our team, it then moves into the development phase.

Sample Development Phase

All necessary materials and accessories that will be needed are ordered and prepared for assembly. The lead time for sampling averages 2-3 weeks depending on complexity of designs. The following steps take place before mass production starts:

  1. The first completed prototype is sent to customer for testing and feedback.
  2. If necessary, changes are made and a second round of samples are made and resent to the customer for further comments. This part of the process can be repeated until the first sample meets specifications.
  3. Once the first sample is confirmed to be correct, we issue a price quote to the customer.
  4. If our quotation does not meet the target price, we can discuss modifications or material changes to further reduce costs. Order quantities also greatly effect price.
  5. If the price is accepted, we discuss when you would like to place the first Purchase Order.(PO) Once we receive a PO from the customer, we send back a Sales Confirmation letter. (SC) This letter must be signed and sent back to us by fax or email.
  6. A pre-production sample is made and sent to the customer for final approval before the start of mass production. Once this sample is ‘signed off’, we proceed to prepare for mass production.
  7. A ‘work order process’ sheet is prepared. This details how the the item will be assembled. Materials are prepared by the warehouse and sent to production to begin sewing.
  8. All products undergo various in line quality checks throughout the sewing process. Final QC and cleaning the items complete the process.
  9. The Items are packed according to customer requirements and sent to the warehouse to await shipment instructions.