Our Lead Times

Local Fabric
  • 1-3 Days for locally manufactured nylon and polyesters

Taiwan Fabric Lead Times*
  • 7 days required for all lab dips
  • 14 days to dye fabrics
  • 30 days for fabrics not in stock
  • 10-14 days required for arrival of material at GE China
  • *Lead times are based on 800 yards minimum. To avoid any delays, please include Pantone#. Any swatch should be at least 3×3 inches.

Injection Molding
  • 1-3 days required to calculate mold charge upon receipt of specifications.
  • 14-25 days are needed to make a mold.
  • 2-5 days required for minor revisions. Please specify material requirements.

3-D Picture Rendering (CAD)
  • Available as an outsourced service. Lead times vary

EVA Thermoforming (Compression molding)
  • 5-7 days to prepare mold

Zipper Pulls
  • 7 days needed to make mold

  • 1-3 days needed upon receiving confirmation of GE sample*
  • * Please make sure the logo size is sufficient for embroidery and avoid small lettering. Detailed instructions, including dimensions and precise placement are necessary before beginning production.

  • 2-4 days needed to screen an average size logo (7 days for larger prints)*
  • * Please include detailed artwork, dimensions and precise placement.

Rubber Logos
  • 2-5 days for mold (4 days for PVC)*
  • * Include detailed art work, dimensions, precise placement; location of stitch lines and thread color to be used for logo attachment (indicate grooves).

  • 2-10 days for generic zipper pulls
  • 2-10 days for webbing (logo/special weave)
  • 20 days needed for YKK zippers and sliders
  • 30+ days for accessories from Korea or other countries other than China